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Barber Services

Barber Services

At Santana’s Proper Cuts, we offer only the finest barber services in San Diego! Our barbers stay up on the latest fashions and trends, as well as the classics styles you know and love.

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We strive to use the best in hair care products on all of our clients. To make things better we also have them available for you to take home and style your hair just the way you like it.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers have to say.

This is an outstanding Barber Shop!  I’ve been to quite a few and I finally found one I’m happy with.  Sean is my barber, and he is the best one I’ve been to in San Diego.  I’m never disappointed when i sit in his chair, he does great work, he’s very professional, and his prices are great!  I would recommend him to anybody. This guy is Fantastic!

Shawn has been cutting mine and my son’s hair for about 4 months. We usually go once every week to week and a half. Great haircut at a great price for the service and attention to detail you get. Being able to schedule appointments cuts down on the wait and Shawn allows me to book out as far as I want to to ensure availability. The shop is always clean and both Shawn and Santana make you feel welcome like you’re part of the family. The service is so good I make the drive from Clairemont to get our haircuts. Did I mention they do straight razor shaves… The lost art is alive and well here… This is a must try place.

Best and cleanest barbershop in SD hands down. Very welcoming and a place where mothers can bring their kids and not feel uncomfortable. Santana and Shawn know what they’re doing and they’re not overpriced. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

I went there on a Sunday at noon.
Two things. The owner Santana opened right on time. For me being in the military for 14 years being punctual is very important so this was a big plus. Next, there are very few barber shops that are open on Sundays so this is a huge plus.

As I arrived the owner greeted my four year old son and I. He asked me to sit down and I told him how I wanted my hair. I could see he was very competent at his job which to me is very important especially when getting a haircut. I was very satisfied by the quality of work and have decided I will be returning back for my haircuts.The place was clean which to me a barber shop should be. Just because its barber shop it doesn’t mean the place should be filthy with hair. This place was clean and you can definitely see it.

There are two big TV’s and he had football playing which was nice. I really like that, but honestly I wasn’t even paying attention to my Raiders because the conversation was so good. Thank you Santana! Keep up the good work

So glad and blessed to finally find a personal barber! Santana always gives me the right cut the way I want it. Don’t settle for shops that will rush and give you a flat top instead of a fade, haha! Go where they’ll take their time for a “proper cut”. These barbers are for real! If you’re looking for a barber in San Diego, look no further!

I have been taking my son to Santana for almost 5 years, since he was 4 years old. He cuts are always so fresh and “Proper”. Grown men stop us and ask who cuts his hair. On top of him being a great barber as a single parent, it’s not easy to find a barber shop that maintains a level of respect that also puts out great product. Both barbers are outstanding. I have never had to wait past my slotted time, the prices are always right. I send everyone I know, hell my man even left his barber off one cut.. Needless to say I’m never disappointed. Never!

Santana has been my barber for 4 years. I’ve followed him as he worked at different barbershops and I’m excited he has his own place now. The shop is super clean! Brand new set up and the feel inside of the shop is classy. It’s hard to find a place to get a good fade where the vibe inside of the shop is not hood. These guys are keeping it classy and doing an awesome job making people look good. If Santana is busy ask for Shawn. He does a great job too!

This is ABSOLUTELY the place to come get your haircuts as well as your children. First time getting a cut there yesterday and it won’t be my last. I’m beyond impressed!!! Had coworkers asking me, “Where do you get your haircut?”

My answer: Santana’s Proper Cuts!!!!

Hands down where you need to get your next haircut! Santana and Shawn are both amazing barbers and are also two of the nicest guys you’ll meet.They take pride in what they do and will give you the best looking haircut. The shops atmosphere is awesome. So do yourself a favor and get your next cut by these guys you’ll become a regular Forsure!

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Meet Our Amazing Team

Our products are built with the hard work of our amazing team.

Santana M.

Santana M.

Master Barber & Owner/Manager

Shawn M.

Shawn M.

Master Barber & Assistant Manager